Archives department of

Bila-tserkva town council of

Kyiv regiond



List of Services:

  1. Fulfillment of requests from individuals and legal entities.
  2. Provision of documents for temporary use to legal entities that have transferred these documents for storage.
  3. Making copies (extracts) of archival documents.
  4. Information service for users in the archive department.
  5. Providing consultations by phone and in person.

The list of queries performed Archives:

  1. On allocation or allotment of land to private and legal entities.
  2. About commissioning of buildings and economic constructions.
  3. About confirmation of property rights to real estate.
  4. Search and provide copies of documents (decisions of executive bodies - on the establishment of an enterprise, institution or organization, regulations on them, etc.).

Characteristics of the main types of requests:

Citizens' requests to the archive department are divided into:

  1. Socio-legal;
  2. Thematic.

Socio-legal inquiries concern the provision of the necessary information on:

  • education and training in educational institutions of Bila Tserkva;
  • work experience in institutions and organizations of Bila Tserkva;
  • confirmation of deputy experience in elections to local authorities;
  • establishment of guardianship and adoption;
  • stay in orphanages in Bila Tserkva;
  • participation in the liquidation of the consequences of the Chernobyl accident.

Requests are free. The term of execution of the request may not exceed 30 days from the moment of its registration.

Thematic inquiries relate to the provision of information on a particular issue, topic for a certain chronological period about:

  • allocation of land for construction of facilities, institutions, establishments, houses, ancillary facilities, garages;
  • granting permits for reconstruction, reconstruction of existing buildings;
  • securing the adjacent territory for households;
  • commissioning of buildings and farm buildings;
  • allocation of housing;
  • sale of households;
  • making copies of relevant decisions of the executive committee;
  • creation, construction of factories, enterprises, establishment of educational ones institutions and other institutions of the city.

All thematic inquiries are performed on a paid basis. The amount of payment for work at the request of institutions, organizations and individuals is set in accordance with the tariffs for works (services) performed by the archival department of the Bila Tserkva City Council. Query deadlines can be extended depending on the complexity of the work.

Information about the consultation provided: